Care and Maintenance of Your Kitchen Benchtops

Care and Maintenance for our Concrete Benchtops

All of Benchmark Concrete Benchtops products leave our factory sealed and ready for use. We use a penetrating sealer followed by a topical wax to prevent food, oil, and other materials from staining the concrete’s surface. However it is recommended that you use cutting boards and hot plates when working on the concrete benchtops. Cleaning up any spills that may occur during use is also sound practice. Lemon juice and other acidic juices, when left for a period of more than 24 hours, will damage the sealer and eventually allow stains to occur on the benchtops. Regular care consists of cleaning your concrete benchtops with a natural cleaner. The only regular maintenance our polished concrete benchtops requires is waxing. Wax will have to be re-applied to the concrete every 12 – 18 months depending on use, a simple 20 minute process.