Things To Know About Concrete

Things To Know About Concrete Benchtops in General

Concrete in general, is a beautiful click to use in the kitchen, bathroom and throughout the home if done correctly. The first thing to understand is that, unlike natural stone, all concrete is not equal.  Therefore no two pieces are alike each has its own characteristics. Our concrete and kitchen benchtops will be with you for the life of your home. It is very stain and acid resistant but it’s also extremely stable making it highly crack resistant.

Things to Know About Benchmark Concrete Benchtops

Our polished concrete benchtops will have colour and visual variation throughout the piece. We leave voids or “casting character” in the front edge of our benchtops. We fill the voids on the working surface of countertops and the inside of sinks so they are easy to clean. For us this helps to maintain the character of concrete and its aesthetic appeal.


All pieces of a particular job will be of the same shade of colour but it must be considered when working from one of our samples to know that due to the nature of concrete the product you receive may not exactly match the sample. Everything from the ambient temperature during casting, humidity levels, and variations in raw materials can modify the colour.